• About Ha Giang

    Ha Giang is a province in the northern tip of Vietnam. Not yet overrun by tourism, Ha Giang retains its own charm that only those who visit can fully appreciate. If you have time, spend at least 5 days here.

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  • Ha Giang Attractions

    Ha Giang is dominated by mountainous landscape and famous for its Dong Van stone plateau. Although there is little luxury to dream of in this mountain province, it is a must for adventure travelers.

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  • Festivals and Events

    Ha Giang has a beautiful mix of ethnicities that not many other provinces in Vietnam can compare. From the weekend market to annual village celebrations, the native culture of Ha Giang is worth exploring.

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    Our website provides useful guides to traveling to Ha Giang, from how to get there, what food to try, which main sites to visit and what activities can be combined into your trip.

  2. HA GIANG's History

    The history of Ha Giang, which dates back to as early as Hung King's period in the few years AD, is worth writing a book on its own.

  3. Best time to visit

    Learning about the weather of Ha Giang will be of great use to make your trip perfect. The best time to visit Ha Giang is October and November when the weather is cool and dry.



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